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Ballet Class
Classical Ballet among others, develops poise and body awareness, improving on co-ordination, musicality, expression and discipline.
It is a lively class and is the important foundation of all other dance styles.
Numerous outstanding teachers, and classical dancers in major international ballet companies, have been wholly trained within the Imperial Classical Ballet syllabi.
ISTD Exam Classes
For the younger age just starting, the class consists of basic technical ballet steps, and introduces the use of mime to enable them to use their creative skills.
The use of props such as ribbons and wands can be used to help develop co-ordination, and also adds the important element of fun.
Following on from the early class, the children will then start working within the Grade 1 & 2 syllabus. Whilst still encouraging them to continue being creative and expressive, they are now introduced to more technique whilst starting to use the correct ballet terms. Technically they start to work on their turn out, strength and posture.
Continuing on from this, the students can then progress through grades 3-6 of the ISTD syllabus. The emphasis on the class will be to continue improving their strength and posture, whilst increasing their flexibility and turnout. The syllabus becomes more complex in it's steps and requires more stamina to perform the longer sequences.
Once the student have worked to a high standard and has passed Grade 6, they will then continue on to the vocational exams. This requires more strength and ability, and also introduces the use of Pointe Shoes. More commitment is required to achieve a high standard and this usually determines the whether the students wish to dance professionally.

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