Company Name - Pamela Hebberd Academy of Dance
Our term dates run alongside the school curriculum terms in Essex/Herts.
During the Easter and Summer Holidays, workshops will be available for all students and non students. Details on these workshops will be available throughout the year. 

Term Dates 2019

Term 1 2019 – 12 weeks

Monday 7th January – Sunday 17th February (6 weeks)

Monday 18th February – Sunday 24th February Half Term (1 week)

Monday 25th February – Sunday 7th April (6 weeks)

Monday 8th April – Sunday 21st April East Break (2 Weeks)

Term 2 2019 – 12 weeks

Monday 22nd April – Sunday 26th May (5 weeks)

Monday 27th May – Sunday 2nd June Half Term 1 week

Monday 3rd June – Sunday 21st July (7 weeks)

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