Company Name - Pamela Hebberd Academy of Dance

Here at P.H.A.D we aim to teach to the highest of standard in each and every class, allowing students to gain qualifications and valuable experience, as well as given them the enjoyment and fun of dancing.
Whether you are looking for a fun hobby or you wish to start training for a future career in the world of dance, we will offer you the best classes to suit your individual ability and needs.
Our classes are kept to a sensible size allowing each student one on one time for correction and encouragment.
Learning to dance has many physical, emotional and social benefits. Children learn to express themselves in a non aggressive manner whilst improving their stamina, strength, co-ordination and confidence.
Learning new steps and routines week to week will also help their improve their memory ability, and the social skills they learn from being part of a group can be carried forward into their everyday lives

Love to danceDance your way to a healthier life!
Dancing has so many health benefits it's hard to know where to begin.
It's a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being a unique form of exercise it's fun and it allows you to engage in social activities as well as keeping you fit both physically and mentally.

Developing confidence, stamina, strength and social skills are an important part of dance lessons for children and there are a range of dance styles available to experience.

Working towards and gaining ISTD dance qualifications in all dance genres provides children who are learning to dance, a great sense of achievement.

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