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Modern teaches rhythmic co-ordination whilst stretching and strengthening the body.
The modern style derives originally from the old ballet basics and over the years has evolved into many other styles such as lyrical, jazz, hip hop, blues and musical theatre to name a few. Modern requires a sense of purpose and attitude, the strength on which these are will depend on the style being danced.
ISTD Exam Classes
The Primary syllabus is for the young ones between 3-5 yrs old and teaches them about their body and how to use it. It incorporates basic steps with the use of rhythm and relaxation using themed music and characterised movements.  
Grade 1 & 2 start to develop their rhythmical abilities and sense of timing. The class puts focus on their balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility. They also start to form a sense of style and performance skills.
From grades 3 - 6 they are introduced to new elements such as contracts and isolations. They start to use new styles of music and dance and are now encouraged to improvise and choreograph their own pieces encouraging their creativity as a dancer.
Once the students reach the vocational exams, they will now work to develop themselves as a dancer to the highest of their ability, whilst incorporating many various styles with the use of improvisation and their own choreography.
At this level the dancers are required to show a level of commitment, as the syllabus is used to prepare them for professional auditions within their career.
ballet technique

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