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Musical Theatre is all about performing! This class involves a combination of singing, dancing and acting for 7yrs+. No prior experience of any genre is needed to join this class. This is a fun class for anyone who just enjoys being a performer.
The students will learn the in's and out's of what happens to put on a production right down to the scenery and sound and lighting.
The dancing will consist primarily of modern/jazz dancing to fit in with the style of the production. The singing and drama will again will fit in with the production being worked on, including harmonies and character building.
Various productions will be rehearsed and performed throughout the year to allow the students to get the real hands on experience of performing. Everyone will have the opportunity to audition for lead roles and small parts just like the real thing.
Productions will include some well known Musicals or Stage Shows such as 'Wizard of Oz' 'High School Music' and 'Glee' are to name but a few.
This is a real opportunity for all students to come and experience the excitement 
of performing.

Musical theatre 
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Musical theatre

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