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PHAD Kidz is a specially designed programme for  
Pre School and Reception year children, to enrich their cognitive learning in their every day life through the power of music and dance. The first 5-6 years of a child's life helps to shape the person they become and dance has many physical and mental benefits to help in their development such as;
  • Balance & poise
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Social skills, and much more.

We encourage them to explore their imagination and open up their senses with the use of various props and specially selected music and themes to enable them to have fun in every lesson. 
We offer two pathways into dance, our Classic Kidz and Funky Kidz. 

Classic Kidz

In our Classic Kidz class they will explore the following genres;
  • Tap
  • Modern
  • Ballet

Each style provides the foundations of rhythm, spatial awareness and proprioception. These genres are studied individually in a greater depth within our main Dance Academy and can later lead onto vocational training. The use of themes allows children to connect with their imagination and use a variety of props and music. Our themes include:

  • A Teddy bears picnic
  • A day at the park
  • Going into outer Space
  • and many more....

Funky Kidz

Our Funky Kidz class will allow them to discover;
  • Street / Jazz
  • Acrobatic Arts
  • Zumbini

Street/Jazz and Zumbini will explore different styles of music and how to apply energy in a fun and controlled manner. The use of repetitive songs and movement helps to not only build self confidence through recognition but their muscle memory too.
Acrobatic Arts incorporates the basic movements of building strength, balance and improving confidence with movements such as forward rolls. Acro can then be continued in the main Dance Academy where they will then begin to learn to execute movements as seen in gymnastic floor work.

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