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To register for classes at P.H.A.D, please download our registration form 
Complete the form and either return it as an Email attachment to enquires@phacademyofdance.vpweb.co.uk or post it back to us at:
Kim Rogers
5 Aragon Close
Clacton on Sea
CO15 2NQ
Registration forms are also obtainable from our scheduled classes. 

Please feel free to pop in and have a chat or to see one of our classes in action.

Do I need previous experience?
No. Whether you have danced before or not, you will be put into classes that are aimed for each individuals ability and full training will be given
How do I join P.H.A.D?
It's simple. Download, print and fill in the Registration form and send it to the given address or pop it in at the start of a class. If you're unable to print at your leisure, the forms are available to fill in at each venue. If you prefer to speak to someone, please don't hesitate to call on the numbers below.
Is there a P.H.A.D Uniform?
Yes there is for all our dance classes, this can be purchased via P.H.A.D
Details of the uniform can be found on the Uniform page, or via the Principal.
Do I need the Uniform before i start?
NO. We don't expect you to rush out and purchase all the necessary uniform in the first week. Therefore P.E. Kit, tracksuit or any type or leotard and tights are acceptable. We do however ask that the required Uniform is bought within 6 weeks of registration.
How do I know which is the correct class?
The Principal Miss Kim, will determine which class each child is best suited to, by their age, ability and previous experience.
Can I enter the I.S.T.D exams?
Yes. All students will have the chance to enter the I.S.T.D exams. When they are entered, will be at the discretion of the Principal.
How do I pay my Fees?
Fees can be paid by Bank transfer, other methods may be available, but please speak with the Principal.
As a parent, can I spectate my child class?
Unfortunately we do not allow parents to spectate their child's regular classes.
However, specific Parents days will be scheduled for you to come along and see how your child is developing in their class.
Do I need to give notice if my child is leaving P.H.A.D?
Yes. you need to give 4 weeks notice in writing.
For any other queries, please refer to our School Regulations or feel free to speak to the Principal Miss Kim.

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