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Miss Kim tapTAP
Tap is a lively class improving on rhythm technique and also enhancing their ability as a performer not just a dancer. Tap allows the students to become creative and expressive whilst being an accomplished musicians with their feet!
Tap is extremely popular is also considered to be one of the three core dance techniques, along with Ballet and Modern.
ISTD Exam Classes
The primary syllabus teaches the children about the three main parts of their feet being used in tap shoes. The basic tap steps are taught with the emphasis being on rhythm. This class is fun and energetic with a vibrant use of music to enjoy.
Grades 1-6 exam classes build up progressively, ensuring that steps and skills learned at lower levels prepare for more complex movements as the candidate progresses
The aim within these grade are to teach correct posture and build a sound tap technique. Developing an awareness of tone and understanding rhythms and it's development. The understanding of dance terminology will progress as they move through the grade. They also start to increase the speed in which they can tap once they have established their strength and knowledge.
The students that continue with the vocational exams will have a good knowledge of all tap terminology, the use of more complex rhythms and the ability to tap at speed. They are encouraged to choreograph their own pieces as well as improvise to various styles of music.
The confidence to perform with self expression will be of a higher standard in preparation for professional auditions and work.
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