Company Name - Pamela Hebberd Academy of Dance
Tiny Toes CircleTINY TOES
Tiny Toes is a specially created 30 minute class for those little ones aged 3 & 4 yrs who are just starting.
The class incorporates singing, dancing, skipping, hopping & jumping which therefore will improve their co-ordination, balance, spacial awareness, confidence as well as developing their social skills.
The class will use lots of fun music with the use of mime and characterisation to allow them to discover their ability to express themselves. 
We use ribbons, wands, pom poms, colours and numbers as well as musical instruments such as tambourines and maracas that will help them to develop musically.
The children also collect reward stickers every week, which is proven to be VERY popular!
The main emphasis in this class, is on having FUN, and lots of it!!

Tiny Toes at the Barre

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